About Us


Based in Austin, Texas, our Even family consists of life-long friends Beaux Jackson and Shad Chancey with their wives Dawn Howren and Jeana Marino. Beaux found CBD oil to be very helpful with providing extended focus. Shad uses CBD oil to help treat the symptoms of RLS (restless leg syndrome) and Anxiety. Together they teamed up with Dan Brandt of Elite Project Consulting, who specializes in CBD products, and formed The Even Brand.

Dan worked in pharmaceutical product development for several years before coming to the hemp industry. Since then, Dan has grown Elite Project to support clients and companies throughout the USA and has been an integral part of their success by offering novel products, business consulting, and transparency in a cloudy industry. Innovation and maintaining a fresh perspective in this ever-competitive space is a core philosophy that gives his clients the best advantages possible to get to the top quickly.